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Surf Ratio - x : 1 where x is the number of sites you have to surf for 1 visit of your site
NameTimer (seconds)Surf RatioFeaturesAlexa Rank (Popularity)
EasyHits4u201:1Get paid $0.30 / 1000 sites viewed
Detailed statistics and tracking
Free site rotator and splash page
TrafficAdBar101:1Move up the level ladder by earning points and you get even more free visitors to your site.34.700
Traffup151:1Half a million listings
Real-time statistics
3-Level referral scheme
Good for free Twitter/Youtube/Facebook subscribers
TrafficG121:1Promote unlimited sites
5 level reward program
Geo Targeting
Access to the best banner exchange on the Internet
TrafficSwirl81:1Daily events to win credits or tokens
Buy and sell advertising in the Marketplace
Hungry4Hits82:1Yet another traffic exchange162.000
HitLink62:1Yet another traffic exchange181.000
Hit2Hit62:1Upgraded members have 1:1 surf ratio plus their sites shown to other 35+ traffic exchanges.196.400
Tezzers73:1Yet another traffic exchange228.000
Webmasterquest101:1Massive Traffic for Free
Industry Leading Features
Geo Targeted Traffic
HitSafari62:1Yet another traffic exchange270.000
Traffic Splash63:1Yet another traffic exchange365.000
MembersRule122:1Yet another traffic exchange475.000

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