Get your share of the $500.000 prize pool from SwissBorg

SwissBorg, as part of a marketing campaign for their flagship product “SwissBorg Wealth App” which is expected to be released in Q4 2019, launched the SwissBorg Community App available for both Android and iOS.

The SwissBorg Community App is a simulation game for predicting the daily price fluctuations in Bitcoin where users compete to reach the top ranks. The best players will receive rewards from a pool of up to $500,000 worth of Bitcoins and priority access to the SwissBorg Wealth App.

Predict, learn and earn Bitcoin with zero risks. Zero risks? Yes! Because joining is free. All you have to do is to predict Bitcoin price over a period of 24 hours. Every winning prediction gets you points that will make you rank better. The prize depends on your rank at the end of the competition.

How to accumulate points?

You can accumulate points in 3 ways:

  • Get your predictions right
  • Check the app daily to earn 200 points and increase your streak. Every streak of 7 you earn 800 points as a bonus
  • Invite friends and get 3000 points for each one

You start with 200 points on the first day giving you the opportunity to win a maximum of 200 more points for a correct Forecast. Entering a referral code can get you an additional 3000 points from the start thus ranking you better.

If you use my referral code ( ZVYFPJQ ) upon joining we will both get 3000 points.

How much can you earn?

swissborg community app ranking system
swissborg community app prize pool

Every time a new user joins the SwissBorg Community, $1 is added to the prize pool but not more than $500.000.

The prize will be distributed 90 days after the official launch of the SwissBorg Wealth App and will be distributed in Bitcoin (BTC) that you can use towards your first investment in the new app.

You have to rank among the first 20.000 in order to get something. 

As the picture shows first place will get $1.075.32 (6.5%) of the prize pool so for a prize pool of $500.000 the calculations are:

First Place could get up to $32.500

Second Place up to $10.650

Third place up to $5.350

Rank 4 – 10 up to $2.650 each

Rank 11 – 100 up to $800 each

Rank 101 – 1000 up to $106 each

Rank 1001 – 10000 up to $20 each

Rank 10.001 – 20.000 up to $10 each

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